Application for New Chamber Membership or Membership Renewal

If you would like to become a member of the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce or renew your existing membership, complete the form below. Credit cards are accepted through Paypal. Payment instructions will be given after the form is successfully submitted to the Chamber's office.

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Please note: part-time employees will be pro-rated on a 2:1 ratio
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Annual Dues Rate:
-Rate is based on number of employees and is valid from January - December.
-Please contact the Chamber 585-237-0230 for more information on the perks associated with a Community Investor Membership.
*If you have a second or third business, you can sign up each additional business as a member at a 50% discount. Contact the Chamber office for details.
Please provide a description of your business in 50 words or less (for existing members, please enter changing information if necessary):
(your description will be listed on the Chamber's website with a free link to your website)

Volunteer for Working Committees:
Please select the Chamber committes you are interested in serving on and a representative will contact you.

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