Member Cost Savings

At the Chamber, we know that you're always looking at the bottom line

Anyone in business knows that an opportunity to stretch every dollar a little more helps in the long run.  The Chamber recognizes this and we want to help our members save a little where and when ever possible.  In addition to helping with low cost health insurance options, the Chamber has also has set up the following member-only cost saving opportunities.

Signing up for the Program is easy.

Just call Laura Bourdelais
Staples Business Advantage 
Phone: 816.504.2211 or 

The Wyoming County Chamber has combined the purchasing power of our members to bring you exclusive supply pricing for your business needs with Staples Advantage.

By taking advantage of this program, your realized savings will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line and more than cover your annual member dues investment.

Leveraging the Chamber’s buying power, you can save between 15-­‐30% if you enroll in the Staples Advantage Group Purchasing Program.

Use the leading email marketing service to connect with your customers-and take advantage of a special member benefit

The Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Constant Contact, the leading email marketing service for small businesses, to bring you a great way to stay in touch with your most important audience: your customers. With Constant Contact, email marketing is easy, affordable, and effective. 

In just minutes, you can:

  * Send great-looking email newsletters, promotions and announcements

  * Design surveys to receive customer feedback

  * Market your events

  * Build and manage your email addresses

  * Communicate consistently with your customers and prospects

  * Track which customers are opening your emails and what links they are clicking on.

Save up to 25% 
Sign up for Constant Contact through the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce and get a discount of up to 25%  - even if you are already a Constant Contact customer.

If you haven’t opened an account yet, you can start with a 60-day free trial. To begin your trial click here Constant Contact Chamber Member Sign-up or call 866-289-2101.

If you already have a Constant Contact account and would like your discount, please send an email to with your user name telling them you are a member of the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce.



Save Money on your Electric Bill with New Wave Energy.

Contact the Chamber for details and we’ll connect you to our representative for New Wave Energy
Learn more about the company at New Wave Energy

New Wave Energy was founded in 2009 as a licensed provider of electricity and natural gas in New York, New Jersey, New England, Texas and Pennsylvania. Under the leadership of its principal officers, New Wave Energy quickly established itself as a reputable Retail Energy Provider (REP) and supplier of low-cost electricity and natural gas services to commercial and residential customers throughout deregulated states. They are determined to become a dominant force in the deregulated energy markets, wherever they may exist or arise. Their pledge is to deliver the most comprehensive and cost effective energy supply to all of their valued customers.

Natural Gas Info Request Form  (135.7 KB)
If you are interested in taking part in this program, please fill out this information form and fax it to the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce at 585-786-0009. We will then forward the application to National Fuel Resources, Inc. and one of their customer services representatives will contact you to discuss your options. You are not committing to anything at this point. This is a no risk assessment of your current fuel costs and NFR will contact you to discuss how they can better service your needs.

Save Money on Natural Gas Costs with National Fuel Resources

The Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce recognizes that soaring energy costs related to your natural gas bill are probably high on your list of concerns. We want to remind you of our partnership with National Fuel Resources, Inc. that can provide you with alternatives to controlling and managing your energy needs.

National Fuel Resources, Inc. (NFR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Company.  NFR provides natural gas and other energy services to 20,000 customers in New York and Pennsylvania.  They are a deregulated, non-utility supplier of natural gas, whereas your current supplier, which may be National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation or Rochester Gas and Electric, is the local regulated Utility Company.  Because NFR is a deregulated entity, it can offer different pricing arrangements to customers than those offered by a regulated Utility.  This, combined with NFR’s experience in purchasing natural gas and its ability to use financial risk management tools to manage price variability, enables it to provide natural gas to consumers at competitive prices.

Under the Preferred Supplier Program, Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce members are offered a variety of natural gas pricing strategies, an array of consulting services to analyze current energy costs and spending, as well as a reduction on applicable sales and gross receipt taxes.

In such a volatile marketplace, the NFR Preferred Supplier Program can help your business create a realistic energy budget for the upcoming year by locking in a rate or taking advantage of customized service plans.

How to participate

* NFR Preferred Supplier Program is available only to Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce members.

* If you are interested in taking part in this program, please fill out the information request form to the left and fax it to the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce at 585-786-0009.  

* If you are interested in joining on with NFR, you will be asked to commit to a customized service plan.  If you are a current National Fuel Gas Company customer, you will receive one monthly bill from National Fuel Resources that will include your regular monthly delivery service charges from National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation.  If you are currently an RG&E customer, you will receive a bill from National Fuel Resources for the natural gas (commodity) and a bill from RG&E for the transportation/delivery of the natural gas. 

* Your service will not change.  You will continue receiving the reliable, dependable service you’ve come to know.  The Utility will continue to read your meter, deliver natural gas to your business, handle natural gas emergencies, and maintain the safety of the underground pipelines delivering gas to your business.

* Most importantly, there are not costs to switch to NFR.  There are no enrollment fees or hard-to-understand pricing plans and NFR does not require any prepayments before your service begins. National Fuel Resources makes your choice to switch simple and convenient.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this benefit or any other member benefit, please feel free to contact the Chamber office at 585-786-0307.