Chamber to Host Wyoming County Farm Tour on September 20th

Aug 15, 2008

Farming and agriculture have always been the way of life in Wyoming County.  However, as people drive to and from work every day, do they think about the magnitude of the farms and dairy operations in the County?  Do they see the 80,000 plus mature milking cows in the County the same way the farmer does?  Do they think about the business side of farming?  Do they think about the number of workers employed by the farms and agribusinesses that operate in the County and what this means to their quality of life and the overall economy of Wyoming County?  And have they ever stepped back to think about what Wyoming County would be like without its world-class farms and agricultural industry?

The Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee will host the Pride of Wyoming County Agriculture Farm Tour on Saturday, September 20, 2009 to address these exact questions and to help the non-farming community begin to understand and appreciate what is in their backyard.

The tour will leave from the Warsaw High School parking lot at 9:00am and return by 3:00pm.  Two separate tour buses will each visit Emerling Farms, Stoney Ridge Farm, Olin’s Apple Hill Farm, and McCormick’s Potato Farm.

“We wanted to create a diverse tour and include large and small scale operations as well as showcase one of Wyoming County’s organic farms,” stated Committee Chair, David DeLaVergne.  DeLaVergne continued, “A great deal of thought and discussion went into the selection of the farm for this year’s tour.  In addition to increasing general awareness of agriculture in the County, we wanted participants to see and hear about different farming practices and philosophies.”

Included in the $10 admission for the tour is a boxed lunch with local products.  “Farmers have been out harvesting for the past couple of months and it’s important to feature their products on a tour that celebrates and recognizes their hard work,” stated Jim Pierce, Chamber Executive Director.

The tour is open to Chamber members and their employees.  Advance registration is required to participate in the tour.  Please call the Chamber office at 585-237-0230 or register online by September 6th by clicking here