Members Encouraged to Help in Strategic Plan Process

Jul 1, 2009

When the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce was originally founded approximately 10 years ago, one of the main charges was business development, recruitment, expansion and marketing. Over the year, the Chamber was very successful in carrying out these tasks along with growing and expanding typical chamber of commerce initiatives.  In 2007, the Wyoming County Business Center (WCBC) was developed and now acts as the lead economic development entity for Wyoming County .  The WCBC is responsible for business development, recruitment and expansion - activities previously handled through the Chamber. Shifting these once core Chamber initiatives to the Business Center provides the Chamber with the opportunity to explore and take on new initiatives, while continuing to provide member businesses with the support, promotion and assistance they’ve always received from the Chamber. We need to ensure that when taking on new initiatives and member services we are meeting the needs and desires of the business members of the Chamber, as well as the residents of Wyoming County. A detailed strategic plan will enable the Chamber to accomplish this and discover new initiatives not previously explored.

With that in mind, over the next 6 months the Chamber Board of Directors, staff and membership will embark on a strategic plan. We will be exploring nine different facets of the Chamber’s operation from program and education to business needs and member benefits, as well as the needs of industry and agriculture, through numerous focus group sessions to be held throughout the County over the next couple of months.  Chamber members are invited and strongly encouraged to attend any or all of the focus group sessions. A schedule for the focus groups is on viewable on the homepage

“We are really looking to our membership to help shape the future of the Chamber and the services we provide to the businesses and communities of Wyoming County,” stated Director of Chamber Operations, Laura Lane.  She continued, “Our members input is a vitally important part of this whole strategic plan process and we look forward to their ideas and strong participation.”

There is no need to register for the focus group sessions, but you can certainly call the Chamber at 237-0230 or email to let them know that you are interested in attending any of the sessions.