Rivellino Realty Expands Services to Attica

Oct 22, 2008

Joe Rivellino has been about growth since day one.  Having acquired Donato-Layman Realty in 2004, Joe has grown his real estate firm into the quality, service minded firm it is today.  This sound base, business practice and ethics has allowed Joe to continue the expansion of his firm with the purchase Judith Walter’s Real Estate in 2007.  Joe recognized early on that he and Judith mirrored each other in many aspects making the alignment of the two companies a natural seamless fit.

Following the initial purchase, the expansion progressed with the move to 190 Main St. in Attica as a way to increase Rivellino Realty’s presence in the Attica area.  Joe was able to retain Judith Walters on staff as an Associate Broker, as well as retain Julie Bayliss, Associate Broker and Ann Whitton, Associate Broker and Sales Manager for the Attica Office.  Hiring three new agents - Lynn Sepor, Karen Boddy and Tom Moynihan, rounded out the staff of the Attica office.

According to Joe, “We have hand picked a great staff and we are looking forward to providing high quality service.”

“Joe is about vision and that’s what it takes to succeed in business today,” stated Chamber Executive Director Jim Pierce.  Pierce continues, “The fact that Joe is able to expand his business and service during a time when the housing market is in such flux, speaks to his vision and commitment to bringing quality service to his clients.”