Rivellino Realty Opens Third Wyoming County Location

Nov 3, 2009

Since acquiring Donato-Layman Realty in 2004, Rivellino Realty has grown by leaps and bounds.  The growth continued in 2007, when Rivellino Realty purchased Judith Walter’s Real Estate and expanded into the Attica area, opening a new office at 190 North Main in 2008.  The expansion and growth continue today with the opening of Rivellino Realty’s third Wyoming County location at 249 Main St. in Arcade.

Since opening the Attica location in 2008, owner, Joe Rivellino has continued to grow his staff of Realtors as well, hiring David Wolfe to focus on the Arcade Area.  Rivellino Realty now has eight Realtors available to serve the needs of house hunters and those in the market to sell in all areas of Wyoming County.  For more information or to meet with a realtor, contact one of the following locations - Arcade at 585-492-0171, Attica at 585-591-2581 or Warsaw at 786-3614.

“It is an honor to represent Wyoming County and be able to expand business into Arcade. David is a well known, very capable businessman and I look forward to serving the area with him in our newest location,” stated Joe Rivellino.