The Village NP Brings Medical Care to the Village of Wyoming

Oct 16, 2008

Sarah Schaffer, The Village NP, has brought a much-needed service to the village of Wyoming - medical care.  After 10 years as a Register Nurse, Schaffer went back to school at Daemon College and earned a Masters of Science as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in adult health.  She knew she wanted to practice in a rural setting and was fortunate enough to do her clinicals in such a setting; preparing her to practice in Wyoming.  “Rural medicine is so different than urban medicine.  You really need to be creative and have connections,” stated Schaffer.  On August 25, 2008 the Village NP officially opened for business.

The Village NP is located in the former Kramell Meat Store at 6 Main St. in Wyoming.  “The building was in need of a lot of TLC but it was the perfect size for what we needed,” stated Schaffer.  She continued, “We hired a graphic designer who redesigned the front of the building, allowing us to add an inconspicuous wheel chair ramp.  She also provided the design for the interior and then I worked long hours with my family to complete the work ourselves.” 

At maximum capacity, Sarah will see 15 patients per day.  There are two exam rooms and three chairs in the waiting room.  “I like to take time to listen to my patients and hear their story.  I allot one hour for new patient visit.” Sarah welcomes Medicaid patients and is working through the red tape to accept all major insurances.  Her office hours are Monday - Friday starting at 9:00am with evening hours on Tuesday and Thursday

“It’s great that Ms. Schaffer can bring adult medical care to the residents of Wyoming and surrounding areas.  It’s extremely important to be able to offer quality medical care close to home.  We’re happy to welcome Sarah to the medical community of Wyoming County,” stated Chamber Executive Director, James Pierce.