Apr 30, 2020

Wyoming County joins communities nationwide to increase awareness of the positive work economic developers and professionals do to enhance local economic impact

Wyoming County is marking National Economic Development Week from May 4-9, 2020 to celebrate the contributions of positive economic development and explain the role of the profession in our local community, including stewardship of:

  • Policies that government undertakes to meet broad economic objectives including inflation control, workforce development, employment, and sustainable growth.
  • Policies and programs explicitly directed at improving the business climate through specific efforts, business finance, marketing, community development, business retention and expansion, technical assistance, education, real estate development and others.

The Wyoming County Board of Supervisors recognized the County’s economic development team and their work by passing a proclamation on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, in advance of economic development week. The proclamation recognizes the economic development work in Wyoming County which is led by the Wyoming County Industrial Development Agency, the Wyoming County Business Center, and the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism office.

“Wyoming County’s economic development organizations promote economic well-being and quality of life for our communities by creating, retaining, and expanding jobs that facilitate growth, enhance wealth, and provide a stable tax base,” said Chairman of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors, Jerry Davis. “Now more than ever, the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors recognizes the critical importance of economic development in Wyoming County and supports the positive work of its economic development professionals and organizations and urges all our citizens to join in observing this recognition which supports the expansion of economic opportunities and improving quality of life for the people of the county.”

“Wyoming County’s economic development organizations collectively encourage and facilitate increased private investment creating new job opportunities, retaining and stabilizing the existing employment base, and generating added tax revenues through increased economic activity countywide,” said Jim Pierce, Executive Director of the Wyoming County IDA.

“Our economic development team, representing public and private partnerships, works closely together every day on behalf of Wyoming County as resources to businesses by encouraging capital investment, expansion through cost-saving incentives, marketing opportunities, leadership development, technical training, support, entrepreneurial growth and more,” said Scott Gardner, President and CEO of the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. 

Now in its fifth year, National Economic Development Week was created by the International Economic Development Council, the largest professional membership organization for economic developers, in 2016 to recognize the unique role that economic development has in creating vibrant communities with strong economies. Over the span of four years, more than 450 campaigns have been created throughout the United States and Canada, creating millions of impressions, hundreds of news stories, blog entries, videos, events and other activities. Cities, counties and states recognized the week in past years through official proclamations, local community events, and informational campaigns online and through social media. The United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) has also issued a statement commemorating Economic Development Week in past years.

The Wyoming County IDA's mission is to encourage and increase private investment that creates new job opportunities, retains and stabilizes the existing employment base, and generates added tax revenues through increased economic activity in Wyoming County. The Wyoming County Industrial Development Agency (WCIDA) is a public benefit corporation that works alongside county agencies, organizations, and affiliates to act as the lead entity in providing economic development services and acts as a coordinating agency for a variety of corporate financing and incentive programs offered by local, regional, state and federal agencies. www.wycoida.org

The Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism is the leading membership organization for local and regional growth, advocacy, and connection for Wyoming County’s business community. The Chamber & Tourism’s mission is to serve the members and community; promote and grow the area’s economic and tourism assets; and work collaboratively to create an environment that leads to the success and economic prosperity of Wyoming County. The key programs and services of the organization are educational seminars; leadership development; business assistance and guidance; cost-saving opportunities; advocacy; recognition, networking, exposure, and promotional opportunities. www.wycochamber.org

The Wyoming County Business Center’s (WCBC) mission is to provide opportunities for business growth by promoting and assisting economic development projects that result in capital investments and job creation and retention in Wyoming County. The Wyoming County Business Center, is a certified and designated affiliate of the Kauffman FastTrac® Program, a professional entrepreneurship development program. The WCBC also administers a low interest fixed rate micro-loan program available to qualified startup and existing businesses. Micro-loans range from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000. www.wycoida.org

The International Economic Development Council is the leading international association for professional economic developers. IEDC supports the work of more than 5,000 economic developers to create high-quality jobs, develop vibrant communities, and improve the quality of life in their regions. Their members are employed in a wide variety of settings including local, state, provincial, and federal governments, public-private partnerships, universities and a variety of other institutions.